What Do We Treat?


We offer acupuncture and Chinese herbs--which are both a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional consults, nutraceticals,  IV therapies, supplements, vaccine titers, laser therapy, and chiropractic adjustments. Through these different modalities we can treat  just about any condition that would walk through our doors. Modalities chosen depend on the presenting condition of concern, the patient’s overall condition and energy, owner’s constraints, and animal’s temperament. 


We Commonly see Patients For:


Wellness treatments & adjustments

Puppy wellness

Nutritional consults

Performance dog evaluations

Sports injuries

Geriatric weakness

Arthritis & Hip dysplasia

Tendon & ligament injuries

Sprains & Strains

Kidney & Liver Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Intervertebral Disc Disease


Collapsing trachea

Cardiac conditions

Vestibular disease

Behavioral problems

Vaccination Concerns


Post-Surgical Recovery



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