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Qest Bioresonance Testing

This testing is the product of a 30-year evolution of bio-feedback research started by Dr. Voll in the 1950s. Dr. Voll was a German physician who became disgruntled with the traditional model of medicine and started to look at alternative methods that would address the “root” issues of his patients rather than masking a symptom. He used the Chinese meridian system theory to determine energetic imbalances using an ohmmeter. His research proved to be very effective and has evolved into what has been termed: Biofeedback, Electro Dermal screening, Bioresonance Testing and Meridian Stress Analysis. This technology continues to advance and has proven to be a valid method for determining functional disturbances.

By using this technology, we can help identify areas where there is improper energy flow and give balancing energy patterns to help restore balanced energy to the body. By reviewing the energetic patterns that are “balancers” for the body, trained professionals can get a clear direction on what is needed to further assist a client in achieving their healthcare goals.

The Qest does an initial evaluation of organs, glands, and systems noting stressed and weakened parts of the body. It then searches for frequencies to balance the areas of concern based on the energetic frequencies chosen by the body.  A few of the energetic signatures that are commonly utilized in a scan are: Viral, bacterial, parasitic, fungal, mycoplasma, biofilms, and other toxins such as chemical, pesticides, geopathic toxins, stress and emotional signatures. The system also utilizes energetic signatures of dental, vertebral, vitamin, mineral, fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics etc. as well as hormonal and neurotransmitter energetic patterns.

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