COVID-19 Update 05/17/2021


We appreciate everyone's patience and cooperation with us over the past year! The safety of our staff, clients, and patients remains a top priority and we are taking every precaution necessary. 

Our building will remain closed to the public until further notice. As many of you know, we share this building with other businesses and any changes to protocols have to a joint decision. 

The following protocols will remain in place until further notice:

-Please call our office from the parking lot when you arrive for your appointment to check in. 804-325-1600

A staff member will come out to greet you and will bring your pet inside for treatment while you remain outside. Dr. Lord will consult with you by phone and payment will be taken by phone before your pet is returned to you. 

-Staff is continuing to wear masks, especially when interacting with clients, and we ask that clients still continue to wear masks when interacting with our staff outside. 

-Please stay on the premises for your appointment. We know it's tempting to run errands while your pet is with us, but we need to be able to return your pet to you once treatments are done. If you need to leave for any reason please discuss this with us so arrangements can be made. 

-Refills can always be mailed to you if you'd prefer. This is a service we've always offered and we are definitely seeing a larger demand for this now. If you'd still like to come by to pick up refill please call from the parking lot when you arrive. Payment will be taken by phone and a staff member will bring your refills out to you.

-Given current affairs, Dr. Lord is offering phone consults. If you'd like more information, please call our office!!

-If you have an appointment scheduled, but are experiencing any symptoms of illness, we ask that you please let us know in advance. The decision may be made to reschedule your appointment. If you have traveled outside of the state, or country, within 2 weeks of your appointment we may also choose to reschedule.

Our call volume is higher than normal right now. Please feel free to leave us a message and we will return your call when we're able to do so. If it's an urgent matter and you haven't heard back from us, call again. As always, emails tend to be an easier and faster way to communicate with us - write to us at

To all the new, potential clients who are trying to schedule with us - we appreciate your interest in our practice!! We always welcome new patients and continue to schedule consults, but our current patients have to come first. If your pet is experiencing a true emergency we will do our best to work you in where we can. Given the way we have to operate right now, appointments do take longer than usual, which makes working patients in for treatments a bit more challenging. We want to make sure we have adequate time to take care of everyone properly.

Thank you all again for your continued support of FPVHS.




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